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The N Factor Award + The Behind-The-Scenes DCF Podcast

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Last Saturday’s Blogopolis was a smashing success! An annual event, it was my first time to attend, and the memories from it will stay with me for a long time.

Panel discussion with TJ Manotoc of ANC, Camille Arevalo of BLINK, and host Franco Mabanta. Photo courtesy of @phoebeannramos.
With Abe Olandres, Nuffnang Country Manager; Jim Paredes; and Maria Ressa of Rappler. Photo courtesy of @nuffnangPH.

I was asked to speak on Podcasting and though I had a brief presentation prepared, I decided that my message would have more impact if I made a video showing what really goes on in the making of a Dessert Comes First podcast. As you can imagine, a podcast entails much work, most of which is unseen to the viewer. I was very heartened by the response of the audience to my talk and to this video (below), and even more so that people were tweeting quotes taken from my talk and tagging me on my Twitter feed. WOW!

That I won the N Factor Award later that evening is but a plus. I wasn’t there to accept the award – truly wasn’t expecting it – but I’m happy and honored. Thanks ever so much to Nuffnang and congratulations to them for a spectacular and sold-out event.


Lastly, my talk at Blogopolis highlighted my relationship with my crew from BongVideos, a creative synergy that we’ve nurtured and honed in the one year we’ve been together. Bong, Thotie, and Nikko are the guys who believe in my food stories and help me tell them in the most effective, hunger-inducing way. I’d be lost without them and it is they who I dedicate my award to; every podcaster should be so lucky to have a posse like this.There are glimpses of them in the video below and you’ll see what we do to produce each DCF podcast. Kudos to creative partnerships!

Podcasting (This is harder than it looks). from DessertComes1st on Vimeo.

4 Responses to “The N Factor Award + The Behind-The-Scenes DCF Podcast”

  • Woot woot! Congratulations, Lori and Bong Videos! You work hard and play hard. Not surprised you got this award. : )


  • Hi Lori! Congratulations on the award! It is such a joy watching your podcasts- I always get hungry! All the best : )


  • I am so happy to read this post. Congratulations!!

    I have been struggling for months to create the very first podcast for our local food blog. I’m taking inspiration from your series. Thanks Lori! You have an awesome team behind you!


    Lori Reply:

    Yes, am very thankful for my crew. I wish you luck with your podcast. Email me if I can help in any way.


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