In An Adjacent Horizon (An “away” message. Sort of.)


I decide to escape.

In the darkness of a dreary day, I take flight, literally and figuratively. I had to plan my escape strategically, scheduling it in between commitments because everyone needs room to breathe and wiggle, after all.

So I sit now in this space freed from the shackles of the internet, save for this post. How liberating it is to not have to constantly be checking email or my phone! I’m taken aback when I read a recent study revealing a shocking fact that the average mobile phone user checks their device about 150 times a day! I resolve to never be like that.

In this dimly-lit-by-design dining room, I gaze at my plate. I’ll admit it’s the burrata that draws my attention, it being my reason for ordering this. Pliant knobs of milk from the water buffalo, its centers filled with nuggets of mozzarella and cream, its interiors are creaminess defined. No wonder burrata is named for the Italian word for butter: burro. The tops of the burrata are splashed with port, mimicking the blush of the Jamón Ibérico. Striking striations of white – rich fat; and flushed pink – the succulence and saltiness of ham.

And there, at the corner of contemplation and consumption sit a few figs, stewing in port wine and silence. Clashes in contrasts, meanwhile, are offered by slices of rustic bread strewn with pine nuts – crunch and chew in surround sound.

So: burrata spread on bread and finished with a fig? or a bite of bread then burrata chased with figs and nuts? Ah, this is an example of the best plate of all: a choose-your-own adventure kind of plate. The possibilities are staggering, and I salivate. Look at this picture of perfection all aglow with a splash of lemon and honey olive oil (extra virgin, of course).

I eat this while sitting in a horizon not too far away from the Philippines. A farther destination is in the offing but for now, as I eat and flip a middle finger at restraint and responsibility, I reflect and anticipate.

It won’t be long now before I write about the meals I eat over here. For now, I invite you to choose (and eat) your own adventure.

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