“Just Desserts” & “Sweet Success”


The shoot for Appetite magazine was held at dusk on a very special day for me. Frenzy was about to descend. For a snatch of time however, I stole away with editor-in chief Nina Daza Puyat and Deputy Editor Migs Borja-Yambao for conversation and laughter. We had a lot of fun, very few photos needed to be taken, and before I knew it, the shoot was over.

Both Migs and Nina know me well and I’m absolutely thrilled with how the feature turned out. Aside from the most appropriate title, “Her Just Desserts” – I love it! – Migs was the one steering the interview and his insightful questions, I feel, show a side of my life that only a few people know about.


Thank you so much Appetite magazine for such a memorable shoot and feature in your magazine!

MomsToday - Oct-issue_jpg

Anna Gamboa Gan also pens an article about me for Moms Today magazine. Because Anna is the editor of my book and was with me since its inception, only she was privy to certain details about the book and what I went through to get it done. Her astuteness is remarkable and it shows in the article. Plus, the addition of that photo taken in the basement is truly precious! Heartfelt thanks, Anna!

Warmly inviting you to grab the October issues of both magazines available now at all newsstands and bookstores.

Infinite thanks to Appetite Magazine and Moms Today for making it an awesome October for me!

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