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September 21 FAQs

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Frequently asked questions about what’s going to happen at the Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day this coming Saturday.

Ever since my book came out, my days have been brightened by the readers of this blog. People have sent me photos of themselves with the book and have commented/emailed/tagged/tweeted me their thoughts about it. It’s been a memorable trip and I can’t wait to meet you all. Saturday’s event, Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day, sponsored by Magnum and San Miguel Pure Foods, is for YOU and it’s going to be sensational!

To ensure that there’s no confusion, I hope that you’ve read my in-depth write-up about Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day, and have read through the specifics, especially the Registration guidelines.

There still appear to be more questions however and I address them here.


Who should line up at Registration on Saturday, Sept. 21 at 10am?
Those who want to partake of the free samples from the food purveyors. Free samples are allocated only for the first 200 registrants holding the special ticket, seen above. To register, you must present your copy of Dessert Comes First with its Official Receipt (OR).

My friend and I both want to avail of the free food samples. Can we just have someone line up for us at 10am?
Both of you (or your two representatives) must present your respective copies of the book with the OR. Only one (1) special ticket will be given per person regardless of how many books the registrant presents. The special tickets will NOT be distributed at the event proper.


If I go to the event with a friend and I buy a book, does my friend have to buy a book too to get in?
If you don’t hold the special ticket, there are three ways to get into the event:

  • Present your copy of Dessert Comes First together with its Official Receipt (OR).
  • Buy a copy of the book at the event venue itself.
  • Pay the P100.00 entrance fee and get the regular ticket (seen above).

Will all the food purveyors be selling food aside from giving out free food samples?
Only a few purveyors will be selling food since the priority here is really the free food sampling.


I’m only going because I want my book signed. Do I have to line up at 10am?
Not at all. Everyone who would like to get their book(s) signed are given a numbered stub (shown above) at the entrance of the venue. This stub does not determine your place in the book-signing line but is used purely for security reasons. You can go around the food bazaar and have your book signed when you’re ready.

Is there a maximum number of books that you can have signed?
My book weighs 1.5 pounds. As long as you can carry them all, I’m more than happy to sign them all for you. I will stay at the event until the last book is signed.


Because I want everyone to be comfortable, and since I truly appreciate the efforts of those who will be coming early to register on Saturday, I’ve ensured that there will be refreshments for you. Can’t say just yet what you’ll be snacking on but there will be food. This is a DCF event after all, and no one leaves my events hungry.

See you on Saturday!

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