I Love Dessert: A Video

It was my first time in the Fully Booked store in Alabang, a gorgeous structure geared for lovers of books. Situated off to the corner, in a space that’s as much a seduction as it is a sanctuary for the senses, is Press Café. It’s the venue where this video was shot, a video where I talk about my book, why I was hesitant to include my cheesecake recipe, and where I gush about my love for beef cheeks and banoffee pie (the recipes of which are included in my book).

Massive thanks to Kayo and Kiddo Cosio of Honeycomb Communities for producing this video.  (YouTube link here). They did a bang-up job of firing me up and keeping me talking. And of course, my eternal gratitude to Fully Booked who has been behind me all the way.

How much do I love dessert? This video captures my passion pretty well.

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