Dessert Comes First: The Cupcake


With this cupcake, dessert truly comes first.

Sonja Ocampo is recognized as the visionary who opened Manila’s first cupcake store, Cupcakes by Sonja (CBS). Before its September 2006 debut date years ago, she asked me if I could help spread the word about her little cakes. “Cupcakes aren’t so popular yet,” she wrote,” and you really seem to like dessert.”

At that time, Dessert Comes First (DCF) was just over a year old and in the years that followed, Sonja and I developed a firm friendship. Both of our babies – my blog, her store – were close in age, and we had long conversations about how to make the concepts of cupcakes and blogging more familiar to people. (Remember that this was in 2006 when both were relatively uncommon).

Fast forward to 2013, when after almost seven years of a single store in Serendra, Sonja opened her second, this time in Glorietta. Cupcake-crazed fans everywhere celebrated her delicious victory. I, for one, got so excited that I showcased Sonja’s new store and design in a podcast.

Sonja is one of my most ardent supporters and I cherish her. When she found out that my book was to be released on September 5, just a few days shy of her stores’ seventh anniversary on September 8, she decided to dedicate a cupcake to me. She asked, “Lori, what are your favorite flavors?”, and proceeded to read several DCF posts, simultaneously searching and savoring, the tastes that I love.

So today, I beam with pride and am infinitely honored to present the:

Dessert Comes First Cupcake

This is Sonja’s gift to me in celebration of my book, and to my readers who love dessert.

This cupcake references peanut butter, my forever-favorite, with my current love for cookie butter. A lush, yellow cake is the canvas in which these two butters – peanut and cookie – combine, a marbling that merges in the mouth and melds into the mind. A bite into buttery bliss surrenders a center of speculoos ganache, a nugget of nirvana. This is my cupcake fantasy fulfilled, frosted as it is with speculoos and capped with a cookie.

I’m told that this is Sonja’s most premium cupcake to date (SRP) P135, and I’m inviting you to enjoy this with me.

Upon purchasing a copy of Dessert Comes First: The Book, present the official receipt (OR) at any Cupcakes by Sonja store (Serendra and Glorietta) and get a 15% discount on a box of 6 Dessert Comes First Cupcakes.

*(Discount only applies to half a dozen of this particular cupcake and not to individual cupcakes).

What a terrific way to kickstart the weekend! Celebrate the release of my book and the 7th anniversary of Cupcakes by Sonja on Sunday, September 8, by trying the Dessert Comes First Cupcake. See you at the stores!


The Dessert Comes First Cupcake by Cupcakes by Sonja
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