The Lori: A Sundae


I have been writing about food for almost 15 years but this is the first time that a dessert has been named after me. What an indescribable thrill!

With the release of my book just two days away, I’m infinitely grateful to my friends in the food industry who are contributing their talents to celebrate such a momentous occasion with me. Rea Gomez-Harrow and Zarah Manikan, the terrific people of BONO Gelato, have created a special sundae for me called The Lori, a sundae that finds inspiration from one of the recipes in my book.


A dulce de leche gelato is afire with caramel notes and flambéed bananas. Chocolate syrup streaks and lavishes, a smooth and lush sauce, as a crumble of peanut brittle crackles. It is sweet and sensual, an imaginative rendering stoking cool desires.

Mmm… ooh, yeah…

I can’t suggest a better pairing than savoring this sundae while browsing through my book, and BONO Gelato offers an easy plan to do this:

  • When you purchase the Dessert Comes First book at any Fully Booked store, you’ll receive a specially-marked coupon at the Cashier counter.
  • Present the coupon at BONO Gelato stores and you’re entitled to The Lori Sundae for P150 instead of its original price of P180.

Couldn’t be any easier! Or more sublime.

I hope you’ll buy a copy of my book and then head over to BONO Gelato to try The Lori. I adore this sundae, as is evident in my photo in the poster. Can’t fake that expression.


The Lori
Available for a limited time starting September 5, 2013 concurrent with the release of Dessert Comes First: The Book.
At BONO Gelato stores in SM Makati and The Podium.
On Facebook: BonoGelato
On Twitter: BONOGelato
On Instagram: BONOGelato

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