September 21, 2013: Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day


My biggest, best event yet.

There’s a pull-quote at the end of my 8th anniversary post which reads:

This upcoming event will be the Dessert Comes First celebration to end all other celebrations.

Well, that celebration is on September 21, 2013 – an event I call Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day because it’s dedicated to YOU, the readers of Dessert Comes First. This is a book signing and food bazaar, a fabulous meet & greet & eat, if you will.

First, the food bazaar that’s highlighted by 13 purveyors who will give away free samples to 200 guests.

Eight of these purveyors are part of the chefs that I’ve featured in my upcoming book.

Here they are and the dishes they will sample:

  • Chef Him Uy de Baron of Nomama:
    Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen (recipe is included in my book)
    The Nala – a thick, lush brownie made with Malagos tsokolate
    The Suki – a Nutella-stuffed cookie
    Kitayama beef as used in Nomama: grilled flank steak and rib-eye (Uncooked Kitayama meat will be available for selling)
  • Chef Ed Bugia of PINO
    A curated selection of PINO specialties.
  • Ricky Morelos of Dulcelin:
    Smoked Short Ribs with a side dish of Miso-Corn & Quail Egg
    Mango Torte
  • Karen Young of Karen’s Kitchen
    Pyramid Chocolate Cake
    Peanut Butter Reese’s Cheesecake
  • Chef Roselyn Tiangco of Kitchen’s Best Patisserie
    Coffee Toffee Sansrival
    Glutton’s Cake – a combination of cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie, and s’mores. Warning: deadly. (yes, the warning is part of their description of it!)
    Croquant (chewy nut brittle discs)
  • Tina Diaz of Taza Platito
    Chocolate Malted Breakfast Muffins (recipe is included in my book)
    Tsokolate (tablea) Yema Cake
    Walnut Pie with Browned Butter Cream
  • Roshan Samtani of Homemade by Roshan
    Surprise Cupcakes
    Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies
    Food for the Gods
    Espresso Cheesecake Brownies
  • Stevie Villacin of Stevie’s
    Hainanese Chicken
    Fried Lumpia With Shrimp & Bacon

The other purveyors are those that I’ve hand-selected, people who impress me with their exceptional dishes and zeal for food:

  • Suzy Lee of Spring by Ha Yuan:
    Variety of Cuapao
    Variety of Lumpia
  • Ivorie Acosta of Cookie Bar:
    Assortment of Mini Cookie Cups – Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Mallows, Hershey’s Morsels, White Chocolate, Peanut Butter
    Selection of one Stuffie (stuffed cookie) – Mallow, Oreo, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Nutella
  • Tito Panadero:
    Ensaymada Quartet – Plain Cheese, Ube, Chocolate, and their newest flavor: a creamy Spanish bread filling topped with queso de bola.
    Available for selling: ensaymadas (regular-sized), Spanish bread, pan de coco, and other panaderia favorites.
  • BONO Gelato:
    A select assortment of gelato plus one VERY SPECIAL flavor, the details of which are coming soon.
  • Magnum Opus Fine Coffees:
    Piccolo Latte
    Flat White
    Belgian Heartbreaker
    Sumatra Mandheling (to be brewed by the hand-drip method)

I’m very pleased to have the Dessert Comes First Fans’ Day sponsored by two food companies who have wholeheartedly supported me and Dessert Comes First for years now:

  • Magnum
    who will keep my guests cool with unlimited Magnum ice cream bars in Brownie, Strawberry, Almond, and Classic
  • San Miguel Pure Foods
    whose chefs will serve the following tasty tidbits:
    Pigs in a Blanket (sausages encased in a variety of wraps – puff pastry, roti, and bacon)
    Sliders – mini brioche buns layered with an assortment of cold cuts
    Assorted sweet shooters (snazzy little sweets in a glass)

Sound good? Want a ticket? I wish I could invite everyone but because venue space dictates otherwise, I’ve chosen an alternative.

Here are the Event Registration guidelines:
1. Registration begins at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at the Atrium of Fully Booked High Street. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Only the first 200 registrants are entitled to free entrance and free food samples. Customers who wish to avail of the free food samples and/or have their book signed by Lori Baltazar must register before the book-signing event.

2. To register, customers must present their purchased copy of Dessert Comes First and the official receipt.

3. Each registered customer will be issued a numbered stub which must be presented at the entrance gate. Only one (1) numbered stub per person. Numbered stubs will be limited to 200 only.

4. Customers without numbered stubs are welcome to attend the food bazaar and/or have their book signed by Lori Baltazar. A minimal fee of P100 only will be charged for entrance.

5. The food bazaar begins at 2:00 pm and the book signing at 3:00 pm.

Beginning today, August 28, 2013, posters with these guidelines are already displayed at all Fully Booked stores.

I’m thrilled to meet every one of you and it would be my honor to sign your copy of my book! This is just the beginning of my surprises for you because after all, Dessert Comes First has made the leap from blog…

… to book.


Dessert Comes First, A book by Lori Baltazar
Available exclusively at Fully Booked.
September 5, 2013

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