Red Lips & Cheesecake: A Video

Red Lips & Cheesecake: A Video from DessertComes1st on Vimeo.

A look behind the scenes at the making of Dessert Comes First: The Book. A 5-minute video.

Ever since I announced my book a few days ago, there are three questions that I’ve been asked repeatedly. I list them here in order of ascending frequency and my replies:

3. Who shot that sizzling / sexy / seductive / suggestive cover?
Answer: Professional photographer and my mentor, Aldwin Aspillera.

2. What fabulous red lipstick! What is it?
Answer: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. This is my red lipstick of choice and what I wear when I want to make a statement without having to say (or write!) a single word.

And the question I’ve been asked most often since I revealed my book’s cover:

1. Are those really your lips?
Answer: Yes. 100% natural, no Botox and no Photoshop.

I’m amused but largely flattered by the questions above. Whether it be my lipstick or my lips, they’re a good segue to this behind-the-scenes (BTS) video of the making of my book. You’ll get to see which 10 chefs are featured, have a firsthand look at photos and pages from the book itself in between glimpses of me being alternately serious and kooky. The entire video is bound by snippets of conversation where I talk about the happiness and hardships that went into producing the book, an immense undertaking that I was convinced at one point, “would be the death of me.” Truly.

The video will stream in HD from this website but if you’d like a larger screen and more viewing options, click here.


Dessert Comes First, A book by Lori Baltazar
Exclusively available at all Fully Booked stores.
September 5, 2013.

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