Dessert Comes First: The Book


There weren’t many people who knew I was writing a book. It’s not my style to announce my projects before they happen, as I prefer to get the work done first then reveal and revel in their completion. And from the handful of people who were aware that I was working on a book, even fewer knew what the cover looked like. As proof of how secretive I can be, even my own husband, my Bin, is seeing the book cover for the first time today, along with everyone else.

So now it can be told. This book is the project I alluded to last February when I mentioned that I couldn’t breathe from the sheer stress of it all, and it’s also the reason why I only produced one post in March, the month I submitted my manuscript.

Dessert Comes First, The Book, is my biggest and most important work to date. It’s composed of three major parts. First, there are the essays and memoirs, an updated compilation of some of my most popular blog posts along with new, never-before-been-published pieces I’ve written especially for the book. The chefs make up the second part: profiles of 10 illustrious people in the food industry, each esteemed for their talents and creations. This section is made even more memorable with the inclusion of two recipes from each chef. And speaking of recipes, it makes up the final part of my book: 11 of my very own recipes of the sweets I like to eat, including the recipe to the cheesecake I used to make back when I was a home baker. A cheesecake that I’m known for, it’s so special that it’s on the cover of my book.

As someone who adores books, I made sure that my very own would be a pleasure not only to read but to hold. Dessert Comes First is printed on thick, matte paper, the perfect canvas to showcase the photos, all of which I myself styled and shot. If you love food and if you love to read books about food, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one.

And for YOU, the readers of Dessert Comes First
In my 8th anniversary post, I hinted at a celebration that would be even bigger than DCF’s 6th Anniversary Party. Details on that will be unveiled next week. Some of my friends in the food industry are also celebrating the launch of my book with me, details of which are also forthcoming. It’s a magical, heady time here on Dessert Comes First so check back often for updates on what’s about to happen.

For now, I have this to say: the upcoming big event, the ensuing surprises, they’re my way of thanking you for being with me all these years. Because you should know, DCF readers, that Dessert Comes First, The Book, is for you.


Dessert Comes First, A book by Lori Baltazar
Hardbound, 302 pages
Full color
ISBN 978-971-94-6096-1
8.5 x 11 inches
Publication Date: September 2013
Publisher: Sketchbooks, Inc.
Available exclusively at Fully Booked.

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