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Dessert Comes First On Your Mobile

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Presenting: Dessert Comes First, the mobile phone version.

Frankly, I had no problem viewing the desktop version of my website on my phone. I didn’t mind using my fingers to enlarge text nor was it a problem to switch my device from vertical to horizontal.

But my Bin took issue with viewing Dessert Comes First – the desktop version – on his phone. You see, when it comes to gadgets and electronic doodads and such, my husband and I are worlds apart: my Bin is on Smart, I’m on Globe; he prefers Samsung, I like my iPhone; and while I don’t say anything about his laptop, he thinks my desktop computer set-up is so large that, “… it’s like a V8 engine sitting on your table.” He’s right though – it’s huge.

But when my Bin speaks, I listen. Apparently, having a mobile phone version of DCF would redound to the common good, especially for those who are always on the move. So I spoke to DCF’s webmaster, and he got right to it. Here are the highlights:

DCF_mobile version_(1)

The DCF mobile version has been stripped and streamlined for ease of use. The home page displays the seven latest posts and then the next seven posts before that if you click on the “older” link in the top right.

DCF_mobile version_(4)

When a post is selected and viewed, the “top” button will appear on the top right and tapping it will send you right back up once you’ve viewed the article; a nifty way of doing away with unnecessary swiping.

DCF_mobile version_(3)

Once the end of a post has been reached, the “Related Content” button will appear, which will lead you to more good stuff to read. Just like on the desktop version.

DCF_mobile version_(2)

Lastly, the “dcf” on the upper left is the main switch in this mobile version. Clicking it will send you to this blacked out screen where you’ll see all the Search bar, the Menu, and the DCF categories. Scroll down even further and you’ll hit Featured Posts, Recent Comments, and a tiny little link at the very bottom that reads “Switch To Desktop Version” for, you know, people like me who love their desktops.

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