Mornings Are Magic

Every post this week is dedicated to my love of the morning.
Yes, this morning is almost gone, but it’s a Monday and that means a late start for me.

I’m convinced that I’m made for the mornings: for me, it’s the most magical time of the day. I’m not inclined to talk much on Mondays so for now, let my photos show you how I start my day.

Mornings mean coffee! One day, I sit at my dining table and notice that one of the chairs is illuminated in the morning light. It makes captivating shadows and even more so when I introduce my coffee cup to the scene.
The apples that go into the fruit juice that I make for myself every morning.
There are two things that remain constant in my daily breakfast: coffee and homemade fruit juice with lots of ginger. The fruits change every day. Today, it’s pineapple. I blitzed it with some papaya, but that one is camera-shy.
Empty coffee cup means the start of a full day.

Feel free to share photos of your morning in the Comments section, or tell me why you love the morning!

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