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DCF Valentine Giveaway!

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Yummy Sweet Finds

Sharing the love this Valentine’s Day with seven fellow dessert lovers.

I have a 3-ring bound leather folder that’s crammed – and I do mean, crammed – with flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and all assorted miscellany of all things home baker-related. It’s a cumbersome, dusty thing but it’s essential to me in my continuing quest to champion the Filipino home baker. But along comes a book that gives me reason to believe it may be time to chuck that folder in the trash.

Yummy magazine has come out with a gem called Sweet Finds: Manila’s Best Desserts. Every bit as helpful and riveting as I imagine it to be, it’s a treasure trove of desserts, baker information, and an almost obscene source of inspiration for when my next dessert craving hits … um, that would be in a few seconds…

Anyway, the equally dessert-obsessed people at Yummy have sniffed out my ardor for this book and they’ve given me 7 copies of the book to give to 7 dessert-minded DCF readers. Obviously, if you read this blog even in passing, you must be more than just attracted to dessert.

Sugar craving activated? Want a copy of the book?

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Browse through the Home Bakers category here on DCF. I’ve featured close to 100 bakers since I started championing the home baker in 2005 but I’m sure you’ve got your fave(s) by now. Speaking of faves…

2. Choose your favorite Home Baker post and in the Comment form of this post (below) list the following information:

  • The TITLE of your favorite Home Baker post
  • WHY you like that particular post?

3. Please enter only ONCE.

4. All entries must answer the questions above plus don’t forget to write your name and email address (will not be published) in the blanks provided. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

5. If you have questions about the contest, please stick them in the Comments section.

6. Only those who live in the Philippines are eligible to join. Contest runs from 10am today, February 7, 2013 until 6pm on February 13, 2013. The 7 winners’ names will be randomly generated by and announced on this website at … surprise!  7am on February 14, 2013, Valentine’s Day.

7. Winners will also be emailed privately and I will send their copy of the book via courier.

Have fun everyone!


Many thanks to Yummy magazine for supporting my sweet addictions and that of my readers’ too!

54 Responses to “DCF Valentine Giveaway!”

  • Title – The Cake That’s The “Toque” of the Town

    Why – because I feel that a lot of cakes in the market today are over-hyped but I feel that this post is truly worthy for the slice, though haven’t eaten one yet, I feel it is a winner :)

  • My favorite post would be “Sweet Alternatives for the Holidays” because it gave me alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth. I am watching my sugar level, and the articles (Part 1 and 2) gave me enough choices to indulge my sugar fix, while at the same time maintaining my sugar level. Hence, I did not feel deprived during the holidays.

    At the same time, I admire the author for keeping in mind those who can not indulge in sweet goodies and for going out of her way to come out with the list and share the same to her readers. Such altruism!

  • Title:The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Give The Food Lover On Your List#8: Costa Brava’s Marshmallow Cake posted on Dec 14, 2006.

    Reason:This post introduced me to Costa Brava. From Marshmallow to Caramel to Nelusko. My birthday as well as those of friends are celebrated with Costa’s cakes.
    I have learned to have the cakes customized by altering the icing and filling.Chocolate chiffon with caramel icing and mocha filling is my favorite. Costa Brava is my all time go to homebaker.

  • Title: Dessert in a Symphony of Flavors

    Why its a favorite: Sometimes, someone comes up with a really fantastic idea that’s so simple, it’s shocking that no one’s thought of it before. The Lecheflan Cheesecake is one of them. Two things which i love dearly, leche flan and japanese cheese cake (or really, any light and fluffy cake) make so much sense together.

    This post made me wish i had the culinary chops to pull of the sometimes outrageous ideas i think up for dessert, but sadly, my limited of culinary know-how will leave many ideas unrealized, until hopefully, some homebaker thinks it up too :)

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