Introducing: The First DCF Podcast

DCF podcast teaser

And just in time for Christmas too!

Most people who meet me say that I talk the way that I write: animated and thoroughly obsessed with food. This Christmas, I’m presenting more food gift suggestions to you via a different medium: video. I’m tickled by the idea of stretching my creativity by attempting to capture it this time through moving pictures. It’s dynamic and very visual…

… and I clearly need a blow-dry and darker lipstick. (Learnings for the next video).

Vanity aside, I hope you’ll take the time to watch my Dessert Comes First Christmas podcast. I’ve called this segment Sweet Eats because I talk about my favorite gift suggestions, all food of course. Watch it through to the end, it’s only a 6 minute video including the credits where I’ve given information on where to buy the stuff I talk about. And don’t miss my Christmas message to YOU. We’re still getting the technicalities ironed out, so for now, the vid will be viewed on Vimeo.

A shout out and huge thanks go to my camera guy Bong Fernandez and his crew at Bong Videos. The world of moving pictures is vastly different from my world of words, and to him I’m super grateful for making the ride such a (food) trip.

Enjoy, everyone and have a delicious Christmas filled with all the food your heart and stomach desires.



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