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48 Hours to Royce’ Chocolate

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I’ve got three big boxes of Royce’ Chocolate to give away: an early Christmas gift to three lucky DCF readers.

Every year towards late November, I get an email from C: “Hi Lori, happy holidays! It’s time to give three of your readers an early Christmas gift.” C is someone who works for Royce’ and someone who has become a friend of mine. This is the third year after all, that Dessert Comes First and Royce’ have come together to give three lucky DCF readers an early (and sweet!) start to the holidays.

It’s always more than a pleasure to team up with Royce’ – they’re great supporters of DCF and they know how much my readers mean to me. So this year, I want to express an extra special thank you to Royce’ and to YOU.

I have three boxes of Royce’ Street Large to give away. Each box has a retail value of P2,100 and includes the following:

1 pack Original Potatochip Chocolate
1 pack Milk Amande Chocolat
1 pc Petit Kurumaro Chocolat
1 pc Flake
10 pcs Prafeuille Caramel
10 pcs Pure Chocolate
4 pcs Assorted Cookies exclusively available for this package
4 pcs Chocolate Wafers
4 pcs Nutty Bar
3 pcs Baton Coconut
3 pcs Baton Hazelnut
Does a chocolate Christmas sound good to you? Want it before the 25th?

Here’s what you have to do:

1. On the Comment form of this post upload a picture of yourself (max 500px in width, or the size of the photos here on DCF) with your favorite Royce’ product. You can pose with one favorite or with more if you’ve got multiple faves and/or can’t decide on just one. The sign can be as simple as a scribble on a piece of paper or an elaborate print out, your call. I’m giving plus points to the signs that display more creativity and imagination. Go ahead and pose with fellow Royce’ fan-friends but you’ll have to share a single box of Royce’ Street Large should your entry win.

2. Under the photo, please answer the following question:

  • What is your favorite Royce’ product and why?

3. Please enter only ONCE. All entries must have a photo and must answer the question above. Incomplete entries will not be considered.

4. If you have questions about the contest, please stick them in the Comments section.

5. Only those who live in the Philippines are eligible to join. Contest runs from 10am today, December 4, 2012 until 11:59 pm on December 11, 2012. The 3 winners will be announced on this website on Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 at 12noon.

6. Winners will also be emailed privately and must be willing to pick up their Royce’ Street Large from Royce’ Rockwell beginning December 14 until December 31, 2012.

Have fun everyone!


Many thanks to Royce’ Philippines.
Royce’ is found exclusively at: Power Plant, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood Mall, The Podium, Alabang Town Center, and Cake Club.

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17 Responses to “48 Hours to Royce’ Chocolate”

  • I have never tried Royce’s chocolate before. Would love to do so.

  • Royce’ is found exclusively at: Power Plant, Greenbelt 5, Trinoma, Eastwood Mall, and Alabang Town Center.

    There’s also one at The Podium ;)

  • Hi, too bad i can’t join. i live in Mindanao. Oh, I so love your site,apologies for just writing a comment now. :)

  • Oh! I just ate mine (the white choco marshmallows) this weekend and threw the package already : (

  • :)
    ” I really can’t get enough!”, just like what my pictures been dying to tell you. I am a Chocolate Lover and i’m really happy that Royce and I met. =D It’s been 2 years since we’ve met.My favorite royce product is-ALL.I really tend to buy different kinds of royce product everytime I get the chance to visit my favorite chocolate brand.It’s exquisite taste, it’s creaminess,it’s sensuality in my tastebuds- aahh! It is really enticing! eventhough it’s a bit pricey,I GUARANTEE that it’ll all be paid off after you taste it.I promise. :) I want to visit Japan someday, but thanks to Royce- the Rolls’ Royce of Chocolates..I’ve got it in my hands. :)

  • Need I say more?

    My ultimate Royce’ favorite is Nama Chocolate (Mild Cacao).
    As it enters your mouth, it melts and diffuses like tiny, sweet particles waiting to invade your system.
    It goes down to your stomach bringing a celebration of glory and satisfaction.
    It then invades your bloodstream, the sweetness circulating in all your veins.
    It moves up to your heart giving strength to each contraction.
    And then it dominates your brain, it now sends electrical impulses back to your mouth saying: “More!”

  • The most difficult part of the contest is to answer this question. It’s incredibly difficult to pick one favorite! :)
    After much deliberation, Potatochip Chocolate really came out as #1, simply because it is genius to incorporate the potato chip and chocolate!
    What makes Royce’ Potatochip Chocolate perfect is the quality of the chocolate — not too sweet and not overwhelming the potato chip! While some could say a chocolate coated potato chip is easy enough to make at home, you coudn’t replicate the smooth, creamy, and light chocolate used by Royce’. The potato chip itself is also crisp, lightly salted, and perfectly ridged to hold enough chocolate.
    The sweet and salty combination create a perfect best-of-both-worlds snack (or dessert) — you definitely need a lot of restraint to keep yourself from finishing the entire bag/box in one sitting!
    We really cant get enough! :)

    Roni Reply:

    Awwww the picture of the two of you biting the potato chip at the same time is soooo adorable ;-)

  • I love Royce’s Nutty Bar Chocolate! I really like the combination of the wafers, nuts and creamy-ness of the chocolate. Royce’s Nutty Bar is so good it makes me feel nutty after!

  • a nice friend introduced me to the joys of Royce’ chocolate-covered potato chip, and I’ve been hooked ever since :D i just love its salty-sweet combo *happy sigh*

    in the picture, i’m sharing (*rotfl*) some chips with some new friends… XD

  • My daughter Bea and I both love Royce’ Milk Chocolate Bar. Its pure velvety smoothness is a luxurious chocolate experience like no other. Simply put, it’s happiness in a bar.

  • My favorite Royce’ products would have to be the pure chocolate EXTRA Bitter and the Potato Chip Chocolate! Why do I love the EXTRA BITTER Pure Chocolate from Royce? Becuase I just love dark chocolate, the BITTERER the BETTER! As for the Potato Chip Chocolate? I like it cause its unique! At first you only get chocolate, but then the saltiness of the potato chips kick-in and the combination is just perfect!

  • Royce Potato Chip Chocolate Original- Potato chips. Chocolate. Who would’ve thought that two opposites could attract? When chips fell in love with chocolate, sparks flew and the Potatochip chocolate or Royce was born. Highly addicting, you might not be able to share it. The smooth silky chocolate paired with the unexpected kick of the saltiness and irresistible crunch makes you keep reaching for more… I will never see chips the same way again.

  • I fell in love with Amande Chocolat Milk, and realized- Wow, I don’t need a boyfriend. Amande is sweet, dark, rich and smooth- all the qualities the perfect boyfriend should have. With a soft side and nutty one too, it’s impossible not to smile (and not worry being single) after having a piece of Amande. ;)

  • Because it feels like a party in my mouth! Royce Potato chip chocolate makes any day exxxtra special- it gives you a reason to want to celebrate. The regular potato chip graduated into a gourmet snack/dessert! They say chocolate is good for you. I seem to agree because if it can relieve stress, make you happy, how can it not be? :)

  • Thanks to everyone here who joined the DCF-Royce’ Chocolate Christmas Giveaway! The 3 winners will be emailed privately within the day. No blog post announcement.


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