Sweet Alternatives For The Holidays (Last of 2 Parts)

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One of the best carrot cakes I’ve tasted this year and one sweet apple crumble.

A Champion Carrot Cake
Nobody is more surprised than me to find a carrot cake that thoroughly satisfies and is made with Splenda at that! What’s not surprising is that it’s made by Karen Young, a baker whom I’ve showcased at all my events and holds the distinction of being the most featured baker on DCF.

Her carrot cake looks the way I’d expect any cake of its kind with thick licks of cream cheese frosting, its top coat swirled with strokes from a cake comb. Positioned right smack in the center is a carrot made out of fondant, a stylized depiction of what lays beneath.

Surprisingly – this cake is full of surprises – my knife is met with resistance as it slides in and down. There is pressure exerted and when a slice is served, I see why. The cake, itself a force field of fragrant air redolent with the warmth of spice, is a loadstone loaded with all manner of moist mystique: raisins, crushed pineapple, roasted walnuts, and of course, shredded carrots. They pock and speckle the cinnamon crumb of the cake – mmm, there’s its knee-weakening scent again – munch, crunch, and a current of cream cheese caressing the tongue throughout. There’s a sweet aftertaste, a characteristic I’ve discovered most goods baked with Splenda possess.

Frankly, it would be quite difficult to differentiate this sugar free carrot cake from a sugar-full carrot cake. It’s that good.


Splenda Carrot Cake by Karen’s Kitchen
P800 – 6-inch round
P1,460 – 8-inch round

An Astounding Apple Crumble

Crumbles (also called crisps) are pies often baked in deep dishes topped with a buttery crumb called a streusel. Apple crumble is the very first dessert I made when I was newly married but it wasn’t one of those plates of gentility served by a blushing bride. The crumbles I made had large, marble-sized streusel similar to this piled high like there was no tomorrow with enough heft underneath, apples heaving with cinnamon and a suggestion of nutmeg. Lazy pie it was for when I was in no mood to make a crust.

The Splenda Apple Crumble that Jenny Silayan of Sugarbee makes is infinitely more sophisticated than mine ever was. Let’s begin with the crumble, a cache of crumbs in clumps and cascading over itself. Made from a striking combination of walnuts, oats, and dates – the latter an imaginative addition – it’s sweetened with Splenda and has just enough flour to bind together. As I’m merrily crunching away – okay fine, I admit to sneaking the larger clusters of crumble and popping them into my mouth – a streak of sour fills my mouth. Green apples I think, as the fruit’s distinctive astringency puckers the sides of my cheeks. It’s not at all unpleasant since I’m inclined to all manner of citrus and acidity. But if you’re not, then Jenny would be more than happy to make a less sour version for you.

As we talk about all things apple, Jenny says, “My Splenda Apple Crumble was made for a restaurant that asked for a sugar free dessert. I’ve had good results with this sweetener and it works especially well in pies.” Unlike lazy me, Jenny lines her apple crumble with “…the usual crust for [American] apple pie. It’s sugar free too.” I like how it stays crisp and I like how this apple crumble is good warm or cold.

Now excuse me while I look for some sugar free ice cream to make this an apple crumble pie a la mode.


Splenda Apple Crumble by Jenny Silayan of Sugarbee
P850 – 8-inch round
P125 for smaller ones packaged in 6’s
(02) 852 0557 / 502 1150
(0905) 378 4774
On Facebook: Sugarbee

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