M.I.Y.O. Monday: What Holiday Food Are You Craving For?

The holidays are fast approaching. What foods do you find yourself craving for at this particular time every year?

M.I.Y.O. Monday stands for Make It Your Own Monday, a question thrown out to DCF readers every Monday to jumpstart the week with lively interaction. I also welcome questions and suggestions for future MIYO Mondays. Email me.

This past weekend, I decided to quit resisting my inner Scrooge and let myself finally feel the holidays. On Saturday, I made a pumpkin spice latte (above), one of my two fa la la la lattes, the other one being my macaron or chestnut latte. Even if you only read this blog occasionally, my adoration for pumpkin is immediately evident and at this time of year, it really – and I do mean, REALLY kicks into full force. I’ve got a nice butternut squash sitting on my counter waiting to be pressed into duty and destined to be baked into my pumpkin cheesecake. I hope to do that next weekend. And sometime this week, in between writing and shooting, I’ll put up my Christmas tree.

Yesterday, I used the tablea that I bought from Ralfe’s Gourmet in Cebu and whipped it up into cups of steaming tsokolate. I added a lick of carabao’s milk and then frothed it up with my immersion blender. Sipped a little and even added some to my coffee to make an impromptu mocha.

Oh, and did I already mention that I had a slice of fruitcake to go with my pumpkin spice latte? It was a lightly spiced white fruitcake — yes, white, and I enjoyed it a lot. I can’t believe that I’m liking this particular Yuletide treat, and I’ll feature it more in an upcoming holiday post.

I’ve even gotten some Christmas shopping in already at the bazaars but I always end up buying more food (to eat now), and discovering new home bakers than buying gifts for other people. Well, it’s got to start somewhere, I think.

Now, the minute I start working out to Christmas carols and busting out the ensaymada and ham is when I know that my holiday food cravings have really kicked in.

So tell me: what holiday foods do you find yourself yearning for now that Christmas is coming?

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