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M.I.Y.O Monday: What Should I Eat in Cebu?

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Note: M.I.Y.O. Monday stands for Make It Your Own Monday, a question thrown out to DCF readers every Monday to jumpstart the week with lively interaction. I also welcome questions and suggestions for future MIYO Mondays. Email me.

Hey DCF peeps in Cebu, I’m headed your way!

The first and last time I was in Cebu was in 1999. I remember eating a lot of puso (hanging rice) and grilled chicken livers drowning in strong vinegar. I remember eating a lot of seafood and walking on the beachfront of our hotel, the Shangri-La Mactan.

Other than that, I remember nothing else. (Pathetic, I say.)

I don’t travel much within the Philippines, a fact I’m trying to rectify, so I’m especially excited to be going to Cebu, even if this is just a spontaneous, overnight trip. I’ve read many, many things about the dynamic dining there’s to be had here plus of course Zubuchon and Oh Georg!, the owner of which, I’m told, is a great fan of DCF. And oh, is La Marea the best place to have dessert here?

Clearly, I need help because I know close to nothing about this great city. So tell me, what should I eat in Cebu?

Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and recommendations!

27 Responses to “M.I.Y.O Monday: What Should I Eat in Cebu?”

  • 1. Anything grilled at Chika-an with a refreshing pitcher of lime-cucumber-soda mix drink ;)
    2. Order Kerbie’s chicharon to take home or eat in your room (hehe)–eating it with sinigang at Ed’s home was a revelation :)
    3. Look for Cebu’s Best dried mangoes dipped in dark Belgian chocolate
    4. Fresh kilawin! :)


  • Aside from Lechon…
    Sutukil. Same concept as dampa here in Manila. The one I’ve been to is beside Lapu Lapu’s statue in Mactan island.
    Balamban liempo. Liempo stuffed with herbs roasted over coals.
    Don’t forget to take home dried fish from Carbon market.


  • First thing that came to mind when I read the title was Zubuchon. But you said that already :P

    1. Casa Verde for ribs. Servings are pretty big.
    2. Mooon Cafe for drinks

    @K: We couldn’t find those dried mangoes in dark Belgian chocolate anywhere and my sister was told they were only for export.


    K Reply:

    Sandee: try looking for them at the Cebu’s Best outlet near a pharmacy on Salinas Drive, not far from the Cebu IT Park, Waterfront Hotel and a branch of Chika-an ;) But a source tells me that they’re for sale somewhere in Alabang…


    Mrs. Maria Cristina Encarnacion Reply:

    They are called Mango Chocolate and are for sale at Kultura outlets and the supermarket of Metro in Alabang.


  • Lori, must try Casa Verde’s big ribs, giant burgers, surf & turf and desserts! They have a couple of branches (IT Park and Fuente). But I would recommend the Fuente Branch for that homey-old-al fresco dining… Enjoy!


  • Oh and don’t forget to bring home some Don Merto’s Les Chocolateries Belgian Lace Cookies… :)


  • sunburst for some deep fried chicken goodness!


  • 1. Ngohiong. Preferably from Guadalupe area
    2. Siomai sa Tisa. There’s a seller around Osmena Circle
    3. Alavar’s Restaurant
    4. Dessert Factory in Ayala Mall
    5. Chillen’s Chicharon. Available in SM


  • Casa Verde for ribs and Zubuchon? :P


  • 1.Zubuchon
    2.La Marea
    3.Cafe Laguna for the excellent puto bumbong
    4. La Tegola for pasta
    5. Conching’s for the hole-in-the-wall native chicken lechon manok


  • Zubuchon! And I agree with la tegola and Laguna cafe. Also try golden cowrie. I’m hoping they’re still as good as they used to be. sunburst chicken skin!!! and don’t forget the danggit and longganisa in tabuan (spelling?) market. Bring home some alavar’s sauce too! :)

    Hmmmm…. Dried mangoes dipped in Belgian chocolate? Sounds good!!!

    Now I want to go back to Cebu. :)


  • Zubuchon, then down it with their kamias shake
    Casa Verde’s ribs
    Golden Cowrie’s Filipino delicacies
    Leona’s banana cake
    Marco Polo’s chocolate truffle cake

    And dried mangoes and mangorind balls from Taboan Market


  • Try A’s Cafe at Crossroads.
    Must try local Cebu Bakery: Leona’s Indonesian Bread and Vicky’s Bakeshop’s Torta. Both bakeries are near each other.
    Cafe Laguna


  • The Achocolypse of Dessert Factory. Ayala Center.


  • Try Maya in Banilad–excellent Mexican food and margaritas. Then hop on over to La Marea for dessert


  • Thanks so much for all your comments, everyone!


  • Try the Chocolate-covered Cacao Beans from Tablea Chocolate Cafe. :) Harbour City Dimsum House, and One Claypot House. :)


  • From a once Cebu-based to now Manila-based,,, focusing on the UNIQUE offerings of Cebu,,, unfailingly get my fill when i go a-visiting,,, GO TRY !!!:
    1) Harbor City or Dimsum Break’s steamed rice and dimsum, of course (very reasonably priced compared to Mla) 2) Golden Cowrie’s clams with garlic-cheese toppings and grilled dishes 3) Maki House’s Maki 4) Sunburst’s Fried chicken and attack-inducing chicken skin 5) IT Park’s Abuhan’s sizzling bulalo (kakaiba talaga!) 6) Zubuchon lechon sa airport for pasalubong; also CnT lechon with branch near SM in Reclamation Area 7) danggit and dried mangoes in Taboan Market for pasalubong 8) Masi in La Fortuna Bakery with branch in must-visit Sto Nino Church for pasalubong also 9) Titay’s Rosquillos 10) oh yes, ngohiong 11) Cafe Leona’s Carrot Cake which is exceptionally good


  • Hi Lori. I really, really love La Marea’s warm brownie cup! They come in different flavors now. (Cebu IT Park)… also, I tried Tablea Chocolate Cafe for the sipping hot chocolate & they have pastries too. Regards!:)


  • Haven’t been back since a couple of years ago. Not sure if Cafe Georg of this young lady chef whose name escapes me now, in Banilad or Ayala mall, still open but they have must-try banana cake and other desserts. For the more traditional Cebuano sweets, I try to grab a few packs of otap and that obscure delicacy called Masa real {bars of ground peanuts and sugar).


    pinky1179 Reply:

    I love masareal! Too bad you can’t stock it since it expires in a few days.


  • Kbtzer, her name is Bunny Ludo-Alcordo now if I’m not mistaken. She’s a friend of a friend of mine. Her chocolate hazelnut torte (?) is incredible! I am a big fan of her desserts…… Lori, you gotta try her desserts, you will love them! :)


    Kbtzer Reply:

    Yes Tina, Bunny Ludo. I forgot to mention another find then was Anzani’s. Couldn’t forget being treated to a taste of Chef Anzani’s own limoncello in his private tasting and degustacion table in the wine cellar. Pizza (in atypical oblong crust like Gaita Fores’) was also memorable.


  • Chocolate-covered dried mangoes available!!

    1 box (20 pcs) P 500 only =)

    Contact 0932-358-3158

    – Specialty Food Concepts :)


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