M.I.Y.O Monday: What’s Your Favorite Candy?

The few days leading up to Halloween always gets me thinking about candy, the cheaper, chip-at-your-teeth kind.

Note: M.I.Y.O. Monday stands for Make It Your Own Monday, a question thrown out to DCF readers every Monday to jumpstart the week with lively interaction. I also welcome questions and suggestions for future MIYO Mondays. Email me.

The Halloweens of my childhood were frightfully delicious. Dressing up in a pull-out-all-the-stops costume and then rushing to classrooms (in school) and then ringing doorbells with my two sisters (when I’d get home to our flat) was such fun. When I got home, we three would dump our loot in the middle of the living room floor and dive in. On this day at least, Mom closed her eyes to the massive quantities of sugar and fake flavoring we were ingesting.

Back then, I had my favorites and I see that they’ve remained pretty much the same: what I liked then I still like (and look for) now. I grew up on Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars and Milk Chocolate Kisses, and I’d fight with my sisters over the precious few bars of Nestle’s Crunch, which I got immense satisfaction chewing with my mouth wide open, the better to hear the crrrunch-crrrunch! . Snickers I liked too, they may have been my first introduction to enjoying nutty, sweet things. My sister, Tricia, introduced me to Whatchamacallit, which was a peanut flavored rice crispy bar layered in caramel and then dipped in chocolate. I remember biting into it and thinking it was the best thing I’d ever eaten in my young life.

In my early teens, I eschewed dressing up for Halloween although that didn’t stop me from entering my punk phase where gold hair and purple lipstick was a daily part of my wardrobe. This stage of my life was fueled by countless Mars bars. When we moved back to Manila, high school introduced me to other sweets: Butter Balls, chocolate footballs wrapped in foil that was bloody infuriatingly difficult to peel, and Bazooka Joe bubble gum.

In my adult life, I appreciate the snooty, 60+cacao percentage chocolate bars, but I’ll always have space in my stomach and fridge for KitKat Chunky (all flavors), Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups, TimTams, and Dove Bars (milk chocolate, please). Yeah, yeah, this stuff’s candy, not chocolate, but sometimes, candy’s really what I need.

So tell me, what’s your favorite candy? And no need to keep it to just one. As you can see, I’ve mentioned almost all of my favorites, past and present.

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