M.I.Y.O Monday: What’s Your Latest Food/Restaurant Discovery?

I have my DCF readers to thank for some of my greatest food finds this year.

Note: M.I.Y.O. Monday stands for Make It Your Own Monday, a question thrown out to DCF readers every Monday to jumpstart the week with lively interaction. I also welcome questions and suggestions for future MIYO Mondays. Email me.

“Oh god, this is so good I’ve got to write about it!”

That’s my first thought whenever I enjoy a kick-ass dessert, find something fascinating in the supermarket, or chance upon a restaurant that’s worth writing about. I know that there are others who, for reasons of their own, won’t share recipes or restaurants. That’s fine, but my life continues to be enriched by DCF readers like yourself and fellow food lovers who keep the food tips coming. I’m very grateful, thank you.

For instance, in last June’s M.I.Y.O Monday question about late night eats, someone mentions the dimsum served at a restaurant called King Chef. I find myself there this past weekend and oh gosh, it’s as good as the two commenters say it is. The chicken feet and ham soy kok are especially memorable, and the soy milk is the best I’ve had in Manila – it’s like liquid taho. But better. Giddy and satisfied with the meal,  I tweet my delight about King Chef and I get several similarly enthused replies.

I also want to tell you about Basil, a restaurant along White Plains that my vegetarian friend frequents. The place seems to have mixed reviews but I can’t forget their special fish dish with three sauces: sweet, sour, and something I just can’t describe but whose flavor lingers in my mind. Spectacular.

Lastly, in the popular M.I.Y.O Monday question about chocolate cake, I get to try two of the cakes with the most shout outs. The Chocolate Blackout Cake from Poco Deli is surprisingly good, although I have to make two trips just to nab a slice – it’s that popular, yes it is. And yup, I get to try Blue Toque’s The Ultimate although I think they’ve got something else that’s ultimately better. Wait for my feature on that one.

So come on, let me know what great stuff you’ve been eating and where you’re eating it. Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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