M.I.Y.O Monday: What’s Your Favorite Salty-Sweet Combination?

Or, if you like, what are your favorite salty-sweet foods?

Note: M.I.Y.O. Monday stands for Make It Your Own Monday, a question thrown out to DCF readers every Monday to jumpstart the week with lively interaction. I also welcome questions and suggestions for future MIYO Mondays. Email me.

In a short amount of time, I taste a selection of salty-sweet desserts: two types of salted caramel chocolate cakes, a sea salt caramel brownie, a salty caramel apple pie, ice cream with candied bacon bits, various takes on crack pie, and a sticky jam bar with a lingering salty end-note.

Clearly, salty-sweet is a very of-the-moment concept, perhaps approaching its apex already. It seems that there’s no end to the permutations of this flavor favorite. But it’s not new of course. In the year I started DCF, I wrote about some salty oatmeal cookies , quickly followed by chocolate-covered potato chips from ‘Royce. The photo above is the 2012 version of my salty oatmeal cookies.

It’s easy to see why salty-sweet is easy to love. It hits a pair of pleasure points simultaneously and the sensation of salty ignites the sweet, sending it into overdrive. Truly, salt is the essence of flavor, and when paired with sweet, it’s beyond explosive.

So tell me: what are your favorite salty-sweet combinations?

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