Food Photo Thursday: Scones at Daybreak

Here I am again, tinkering with scones. I’ve shared a few recipes on this website as the links below will prove, and they’re a constant at most of the baking demos I’ve done. It needn’t be said: I’m besotted with scones.

Note: Every Thursday, post a food photo: it can be of what you’re eating, what you want to eat, etc. It can be shot with any device, from a mobile phone, tablet, to a regular camera – point & shoot or SLR. It’s all up to you but it must be YOUR photo, no ripping off of somebody else’s work. And please include a short description. We want to know what it is and where to eat it too, if possible.

My usual scone recipe utilizes the basics and is enhanced with a goodly amount of buttermilk, or sour milk if you want to be technical about it. This morning, I add an egg just because I feel like rebelling against the recipe. You know me, I’m obedient to the written word – er, recipe to a fault but today I’m the belligerent baker. Sometimes a broken rule proffers unexpectedly delicious results. The addition of an egg gifts my scones with a light, cakey texture and, as eggs are wont to do, a sun-bright color. Which reminds me that yes, the sun has risen. I’ve been at my kitchen since daybreak.

A coconut-hazelnut hybrid of a scone.

The other scone is purely whim playing on the availability of what I’ve got in my fridge. I use coconut milk, grated coconut, and – hold your breath: hazelnuts. Eh? Yes I know, not quite the propitious combination but I’ve run out of macadamias, coconut’s more appropriate partner. This unlikely mix gives me a scone with a rather shabby, nubby texture. Its interior – ha, innards! – are nice however, flecked as they are with the hazelnuts’ skins. Quite earthy in flavor too, a sort of new age-y scone.

And because I’m on this devil-may-care streak, I lace some of my morning coffee with the leftover coconut milk. Have you ever done that? I like the flavor, and it goes well with my tinkered-tweaked with scones that I scarf down at daybreak while sipping coffee.


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