Your Room at the Marriott Awaits You

Not to mention a lavish buffet too! Two of them.

I would be remiss if I threw a contest and didn’t tell, no – show! – you what you could win. For the I Love DCF Contest , two prizes go to one winner.

Prize #1
The mother of the two prizes is the Overnight Stay in a Deluxe Room for two and it comes with a buffet breakfast. Come with me as I show you to your room.

See the bed (above, cover photo) swathed in several hundreds of thread-count sheets? It’s calling to you. A deep, divine sleep is what you’ll get while laying in this bed.

I can live without a TV but this impressive flat screen is equipped with a super sound system and its own DVD player (seen in lower right of photo).
A few minutes after you check in, the TV will light up and well, what do you know? There’s your – or in this case, my name! (Don’t worry, it’s really YOUR name that will be displayed).
What a gorgeous view! You can see the buildings of Fort Bonifacio from here and if you peer a little to the left, the equally towering structures of Makati. And oh, view the pool below (not seen in photo).
This detail absolutely thrills me for its thinly-veiled suggestion. There’s but a thin glass that separates the bedroom from the bathroom – and it’s see-through! I love it! But there’s an electronically-controlled screen that slides down for those of you with more sensitive sensibilities. Ahem.
The bathroom is the first thing I look at when I get to any hotel room, and it can make or break my stay. This one at the Marriott passes all my strict “woman’s room” requirements with flying colors.
Notice the old-fashioned bathtub where it’s raised a bit off the floor? Enjoy a soak in this (bath salts provided) and then rinse off with the oversized telephone-shower seen on the left.
All kinds of outlets and jacks and a thingamajig that you can insert into your laptop so you can ensure that you’re well-connected during your stay.

Things to do during your stay at the Marriott

During a “stay-cation,” I’m the type of person who can lounge in my hotel room for hours, coming out only for meals because that’s really what’s most important, yes? But for those of you who might need some additional amusement, might I suggest…

A dip in the pool (2nd floor)…

A mani-pedi or facial at the salon?
Binge on candy at the Ground Floor?
Have a coffee and pastry at Java+, which is right beside the candy store? (seen above)
Or pass the connecting walkway and head on over to Newport Mall for some high-end shopping.

This is the mall where Tao Yuan has its second branch, where chocoholics get their fill at Villa del Conte, and where TWG Teas will soon be opening its first store.

Or stop for a spot at Café Maxims. They have a terrific Forest Ham & Emmenthal sandwich and a tempting array of sweets. They also serve TWG Teas.

And before I forget, here’s a sneak peek at your buffet breakfast tomorrow: all manner of dreamy, bready things. Sweet dreams!

Such a creative take on the traditions-old’ “Do Not Disturb” sign.

Prize #2

The Buffet Lunch for 2 at Marriott Café is something you can use while you’re at enjoying your stay at the Marriott, just make sure to inform the hotel in advance. I like this buffet because it’s not overwhelming in size or choice, and the food quality is so high. Savor this meal at your leisure and remember to save space for dessert, which includes the gelato. (My faves are the Dolcelatte and the Hazelnut Nutella).

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