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Coming Up Next Week On DCF: Surprises!

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A recipe, a new toy, a restaurant review you’ve been asking for, and the BIGGEST prize I’ve ever given away on DCF. Ooh, don’t you love surprises!

We’re shaking off the sloth brought about by the monsoon rains and our stuff has already drip-dried. I hope you’ve gotten your groove back because I’ve been cooking up — er, baking up something big for all of you. Here’s what to expect next week beginning on Tuesday, August 28 on Dessert Comes First.


I held a baking demo for KitchenAid last August 13, the announcement of which was displayed on DCF’s Home page. It was a fun morning and the participants enjoyed the desserts I developed and demoed on the day (see photo above). Because it proved so popular, I’ll be sharing one of the recipes here with you next week.

KitchenAid gave me a new toy! I need to tell you about it because my 35-year old is jealous. “Who?” You might ask. Details forthcoming.

There hasn’t been any other newly-opened restaurant in recent memory that’s created this much buzz, a frenzy I was made aware of even when I was in Italy. I’m sure you know which restaurant this is, the photo above, softened as it is, will give you a clue.

Next week, I’m giving away the BIGGEST prize ever to be had on DCF. Can’t say much just yet but if you look closely at the photo above, it should give you an idea of just how big it is.

Enjoy the long weekend and see you here next Tuesday!


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